Wednesday, March 30, 2011

angels fight song

little kids play baseball:

song for sam #2:

if, in the off chance, someone actually wants to download any of these songs, please just let me know and i'll post an easy link.

also, i don't know what the god damn deal is with the blips in all the songs. those don't actually exist... i need to take care of that.

Friday, March 11, 2011

new song

new song, trying a new approach on the next project. rather than actually writing a song prior to recording, just gonna record one layer at a time, more or less all on the first take, and see what happens.  everything was basically made up as it was played/recorded (crappy lyrics and all). it's nothing radical but it's different for me. doesn't matter much, they all kinda suck anyway.

here come the cops:

lost in space

another really early one.  all guitar. i had just managed to snag some old driver pedal from someone and had recently acquired my 4-track. also, couldn't really play guitar at the time.

it's all one track. space-y, as the name might suggest. i enjoy this one.

32 minutes.

lost in space 

wandering thoughts

so, i'm starting to see all of this as more of a storage/backup situation than anything else (lord knows no one is listening to any of it).  so on that note, i plan on uploading a lot more old stuff, as well as unfinished stuff, tape recordings, crap, etc.

this is an old one.  pretty much all instrumental, with a bit of everything. lots-o-feedback, banjo, geetar, stuff.  also all one track. there are some moments in here i do enjoy quite a bit. there are also some mess ups and not-as-enjoyable moments.

anyway, here's 38 minutes of noise.

wandering thoughts