Friday, July 1, 2011


handholder demos - appalachian yard art

all songs are solo/acoustic.  just banjo, guitar, & mandolin.  these are the first step in the direction of a "bluegrass" project.  or at least appalachian in some sense or feel.  i use the terms bluegrass/appalachian loosely.  they mean what i want them to mean.

1. milk chocolate
2. down in the still #1
3. song for sam #2
4. the son of my father
5. when you stole my heart, you buried my soul
6. union valley
7. hell is hotter than hell (desert song)
8. the medicine is all gone
9. loser (garcia/hunter)
10. black & blue
11 & 12. wasted (years of my life) #1 & #2
13. down in the still / hoofbite
14. away from me
15. on parade, now and forever (horses come down)

these are all working titles and a lot of repeat songs. just different recordings. more crappy demos coming soon.


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