Saturday, April 23, 2011

erie abdallah - two beasts / c.k - on parade, now and forever

have 20 some minutes free?

erie abdallah - american hollow (let it go)

erie abdallah - two beasts 
1. american hollow (let it go)
2. kim & karen

c.k - you're on parade, now and forever 
1. intro
2. where all of this crosses
3. pretty good kids
4. my sails have been stripped
5. magic music box
6. on parade, now and forever (medley)
     +divided in 9 in the hearts of a worm
     +my sails have been stripped
     +step right up, step right in
     +when the world comes undone
7. milk chocolate
8. train loop
9. milk chocolate #2
10. that could put an eye out easily

side b:
1. light colored bulbs
2. angels' fight song
3. ruby lips
4. homeless man singing / s.e ohio

this is more unfinished demo stuff.

Monday, April 4, 2011

badroom tapes

so, as stated earlier, this place is a good method of backing up random crap that i have. this stuff was recorded in my bedroom on a handheld cassette recorder.  rough demos, plenty of mess ups in there. mostly unfinished songs that i just wanted to get down before they were forgotten.

side a:
1. when you stole my heart, you buried my soul
2. when the world comes undone
3. path
4. she's going away again #1
5. she's going away again #2
6. divided in 9 in the hearts of a worm
7. virginia and back
8. i get it now
9. the trials of harrison hayes*
10. going hungry
11. the whole of the law**
12. shelter from the storm***
13. going hungry (again)

side b:
1. s.e ohio
2. one trick pony(lounge#)
3. the tide begins to turn
4. albert fish
5. song for sam #2
6. warmth(intro)(all around you)
7. warmth(yer not christ)
8. 2x2(my kingdom will come)
9. union valley

side a

side b 

* willard grant conspiracy
** the only ones (and of course yo la tengo)
*** bob dylan
#a little bit of "lounge" tossed in there. modest mouse.

song for sam #2

when you stole my heart, you buried my soul

warmth(yer not christ)

2x2(my kingdom will come)