Friday, May 18, 2012

nothing is better than you

it's about time.

it's been a while since anything has been finished and posted. this is the newest hodge-podge of songs. some acoustic and some electric. most pretty noisy, made by things of wood and wiring and metal and plastic.  i tried to crawl a bit beyond the shell with some of them.  i don't know how far i got, but i am fairly pleased with a few.

some recorded digitally, some on tape, some from tape to homemade vinyl back to digital, etc.

1. an intro
2. plain clothes jane
3. a postcard from me to me
4. control
5. do you know
6. dogs
7. hidden tracks
8. compound
9. tornado dream

notes of non-interest: the original working title was "nothing is better than you, anything would be better than you."  -- nothing meaning nothingness.

i reckon there will be another "handholder" tape coming soon chock full of the left overs from this one.


  1. Downloaded this last night, listening now while trying to work. "Plain Clothes Jane" is pretty goddamn awesome. Really like the "drum" track that sounds like it's bleeding over from the other side of the wormhole. Nice vocal performance. Dig it.

    1. thanks a lot. those few songs were my first attempts at experimenting with any sort of drums (which probably shows). not that i've gotten any better since, but that's a good thing.