Tuesday, January 24, 2012

these internets are just a fad. like the yo-yo.

so with all this commotion about web hosts n shit, some things on mediafire may or may not get barfed up like last night's Blatz 'n' fish tacos. it shouldn't, but it might.  either way, it doesn't matter much.  almost everything is up on archive.org.  but should you find something down, let me know and i'll get it back up. shut up. i know what you're thinking.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


this is the new e.p.
3 songs. 3 days. 30 minutes. 
i had been sitting on these three songs for a long time now and had somewhat kept putting off recording them for whatever reasons. maybe they just seemed like they'd be a hassle to record. but in all honesty, i do really enjoy them and they were fun to record (this is the first project since getting a new recorder. digital, but still lo-fi and homemade). so if anyone would like a free cassette of this, just let me know. i hope to be making some soon. and it can even come in the color of your choosing!! (as long as you choose red or yellow) 

it felt good to get to record again.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

after all, it is the 21st century.

so, i got my new fancy little digital multitrack recorder thingamabob. (apparently spell check recognizes "thingamabob") anywho, i'm bummed to no longer have a functioning multitrack that uses cassettes, but i am excited to get going with the new guy.  there were some old recordings i wanted to hear on some of the old tapes. oh well. they probably sucked anyway. i'll just wait until i get the old one fixed or come across another (aka steal one from a friend).  just trying to figure out how it operates (it didn't come with a manual and lord knows if it had, i wouldn't use it anyway) and came up with this little thing. i think i'll name it for a friend.

song for mike:

it's two minutes long. i think it took about eight minutes to record.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

mailings and findings

UPDATE: check out Michael's record cutting here: Circular Waves. very cool

today, i received a few 7" home-cut records in the mail. shit yeah.
anywho, the records were done by Michael Barrett of Secret Message Machine, out of Greensboro, on his homemade record lathe. he did an awesome job, including a little picture disk of two of his own songs.  I strongly encourage anyone to go and check out his music. It's damn good. 
Here are a few more links that have some music from some of the great bands out of Greensboro:
Experiment All Music & Subjective Collective
Other than Secret Message Machine, I'd definitely recommend checking out The Raymond Brake, Blank Blank, Embarrassing Fruits, and Summer Camp Casanova. Oh, and Kaleidoscope Death (especially the album Old Man Brown). 
and back to all-lower-case. 
so after getting turned on to homemade record lathes, i found myself doing some research on how to build one.  but then realized i have basically no mechanical knowledge to accomplish such as a task (with any level of moderate success). so i tracked one down in circleville, oh. unfortunately it is winter and i couldn't go to the famous Circleville Pumpkin Patch.  apparently growing up in ohio means pumpkins and hay-fights (exactly what it sounds like. kids fighting each other in hay and with hay). those hay-bale mountains were pretty rad. 
so yeah, it's gonna take some work, being made in 1939 and all, but i hope to get it up and running in the coming weeks. gonna be cutting so many 7"'s.