Saturday, December 17, 2011

an introduction to worms

new ep.
some stuff that's been heard before in different forms. most of it was recorded on my handy little cassette recorder. a bit in ohio. a bit in seattle. a few songs and some random street noise stuff.

1. an introduction
2. a funny farm with your name written on it
3. secret songs
4. william of orange
5. once through the market

listen & download

Friday, December 16, 2011

coming soon (buy yourself some ear muffs)

updates from the place where i am:

1. a new ep - some recently recorded music and found sounds. primarily on handheld cassette.
2. a collection of outtakes and unused songs. these will range from pretty darn old to pretty darn new.
3. after i drunkenly fried my 4-track (not quite sure what happened, but it happened) i have purchased a new multitrack recorder. it should be waiting patiently for me in ohio when i return. after which, i intend to get started recording another ep of sorts that i have been wanting to get down for a while now. all songs written. just need to be recorded.
4. the split with Halaka and Pile Records now has over 300 downloads on So thank you very much to everyone who checked it out. Also, thanks to those guys for including me in it. Go take a listen.

that is all.

Monday, December 5, 2011

you man the guns. i'll drive.

this is the last damn time i'm recording this stuff (i think). anyway, i just wanted to get this song(s) down with all the intended parts and whatnot.  it's a long one and it was recorded in a small bathroom, but not while the bathroom was in use.

secret songs:

also, this group-o-tunes has been listed under way to many different names.

1. light colored bulbs
2. the second part
3. the third part
4. you'll die as the rat you've lived
5. horses come down

Thursday, December 1, 2011

alive inside a closet / i am a flea market man

while i am away from home, i will be posting random songs periodically.  these are mainly going to be outtakes and songs left off past albums, primarily ohio driver.  once they all get posted i'll go ahead and throw up a zip file of all this garbage.

i know you rider / where all of it crosses:

this was recorded live with the trusty old loop pedal, as i believe it is intended to be played.  i think i should give that pedal a name as it is a substitute for another [much needed] music/noise maker.

virginian (alternate):

some untitled song or whatever:

more soon.