Tuesday, August 30, 2011

farm tape #2

finally getting around to putting this up.  this is the other side to the "farm tape" that got posted a few weeks back.  wasn't really even recorded on that farm, but it was recorded on the b-side of the same cassette tape over the following few days.

1. strange dream pts. 1&2
2. the shape of you
3. honey
4. you are a pine
5. everything is / april 8th
6. she's going away again
7. bones / dirty blonde (tape cuts off right towards the end)

"everything is" and "april 8th" are by jeff mangum. hey, how 'bout that new neutral milk hotel box set? exciting, huh?

bones / dirty blonde:

here's the first side of the tape.

listen and download at the archive.

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