Thursday, March 15, 2012

handholder vol. II

here is another tape of random junk recorded on the old tape cassette deck.  some songs have been on other recordings. some have not.  the ones that have been recorded time and time again were really just recorded to give to a friend.  these are all just me by my lonesome. listen & download at the archive.

i hate naming songs.

some day you'll look down at your child and say, "you know, i listened to that stuff way back when no one knew about it."

and your child will look up at you and respond, "what are you talking about?"

oh, and i think there will be another little EP or some sort of recording being finished and posted soon, sometime in the next week or two.

oh, other update: i am steadily making progress on improving the sound quality on these homemade records.  i've been cutting on super thin polycarbonate sheets, so they're quite flexible/flimsy/fun. if you want one, let me know.

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