Friday, February 24, 2012

so much for the big plans

so what's been keeping me busy/not posting rubbish? remember that record lathe thing? well, it's up and running now. which means things are now running around in the sub-lo-fi abyss. below-fi? lower-fi?

chlorophyll? more like bore-ophyll.

i've been experimenting with cutting some 7" records on lexan polycarbonate (much thanks to Michael of Secret Message Machine, again). they're starting to come out a bit better each time.  of course, any sort of punch-y note ends up with a bit of a bendy-wobbly-is-this-thing-spinning-at-uneven-speeds kinda sound.  however, you may notice that voices and some stuff sounds better. i have to adjust the speed to compensate for differences between the lathe and a 45 rpm player.
they're all one-offs. they're square. they're clear.

i may try to play a show sometime.  see if i can put this plastic burden on some other folks.

now, to rest on my laurels.

you on the run:

colors on the run:

song for mike (not mike's song):

mad as hell:

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