Monday, May 30, 2011

hello folk(s).

recently started uploading a lot of this junk to (which is a pretty awesome source) and i will be adding more over time.

two reasons. one of which is to make some sort of attempt to get this stuff out there in another capacity.  two, yet another way to back up hard drives, cassettes, etc.

everything that will be going up on will be listed under "appalachian yard art" as the "creator." while this isn't really the case, i'll be using that name to keep everything grouped...i suppose i see "appalachian yard art" will be used merely to identify the collection of recordings, and the individual artist names used with each recording basically only serves as a personal shortcut for separating and categorizing the projects based on what i hoped to accomplish with each one (which of course is very little).

this probably seems stupid. it is.

p.s i am aware no one reads this or cares for that matter.

Monday, May 23, 2011


erie abdallah - young/reckless

1. i know you rider (intro)       (2:32)
2. angels' fight song             (5:53)
3. i sit down cool in the shade   (2:29)
4. i've seen your muscles slide   (3:34)
5. breathing machine              (10:08)
6. i know you rider (pts. 2+3)    (9:43)
7. the wilson machine works       (4:31)
8. light-colored bulbs            (5:15)
9. light-colored bulbs (repeater) (9:21)
10. here come the cops            (3:57)
11. kim & karen                   (2:50)
12. milk chocolate                (3:16)
13. young/reckless                (30:33)

this one is more towards the experimental side, at least opposed to the more folksy stuff that's been posted in the past.  there's no denying the fact that this album is a little bit self-indulgent with several songs stretching upwards 10 minutes, but it was certainly enjoyable to record.  i particularly enjoy the title track.

like all the other records, you set out with a particular idea/sound in mind and by the end, the finished product is nothing like that.  originally, this was planned to be an all-instrumental space-y one.  then after that, it was intended to basically be a dumping ground for songs that didn't quite fit the other projects being worked on. then, it was this.


p.s i do enjoy that photo. some old pinhole taken in high school.