Monday, April 4, 2011

badroom tapes

so, as stated earlier, this place is a good method of backing up random crap that i have. this stuff was recorded in my bedroom on a handheld cassette recorder.  rough demos, plenty of mess ups in there. mostly unfinished songs that i just wanted to get down before they were forgotten.

side a:
1. when you stole my heart, you buried my soul
2. when the world comes undone
3. path
4. she's going away again #1
5. she's going away again #2
6. divided in 9 in the hearts of a worm
7. virginia and back
8. i get it now
9. the trials of harrison hayes*
10. going hungry
11. the whole of the law**
12. shelter from the storm***
13. going hungry (again)

side b:
1. s.e ohio
2. one trick pony(lounge#)
3. the tide begins to turn
4. albert fish
5. song for sam #2
6. warmth(intro)(all around you)
7. warmth(yer not christ)
8. 2x2(my kingdom will come)
9. union valley

side a

side b 

* willard grant conspiracy
** the only ones (and of course yo la tengo)
*** bob dylan
#a little bit of "lounge" tossed in there. modest mouse.

song for sam #2

when you stole my heart, you buried my soul

warmth(yer not christ)

2x2(my kingdom will come)

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