Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the ohio driver companion

earlier today i promised no one that i would put up the newest tape by the end of the day.  that minute has rapidly been approaching.  i  immediately regretted saying i'd get it online today. but by god, i did. 

UPDATE: the two tracks have now been split into separate songs.  they're posted both as individual tunes and as the complete sides over on archive.org.  

anywho, a lot of the recording of this was somewhat improvised and ultimately put together on my trusty handheld tape recorder.  much like the older cassettes, which was fun.  some folksy, some noisy. i think there are some good moments on this tape. also, i may end up uploading a higher quality version as well someday.  

side a:
iv. the son of my father
v. hell is hotter than hell
vi. murder mystery pt. 1
vii. colors on the run
viii. fake accents
xi. virginian land
xii. a night for 
xiii. me on the run
xiv. murder mystery pt. 2

side b:
xvi. away from me
xviii. you on the run
xix. sobriety doesn't make you right
xx. ghost town high school reunion
xxi. acetylene flares
xxii. seattle's last song


also, there are a lot of other takes and songs from these tapes.  i'll plan on trying to make them available soon.

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