Friday, July 20, 2012

sorry to be leaving


here is a little 3 song EP sort of thing. one song is a reworked version of something that appeared on kidsounds. the other two are very new. written and recorded in the last week or so.

as relocation occurs, recording toys must be placed in boxes and stowed away. figured it'd be best to go  ahead and get this out as is, rather than wait for more material to materialize.

download here.


  1. this song, "my last days as an animal", it sounds to me exactly (to the letter) like summer, like some summer night that I never had, as a 12 year old, with the sun finally gone and the dusk kicking in hard, the heat finally burning off enough and the silhouettes of trees against the darkening sky. I have fallen into it now.

    That is to say I think it's really excellent. But also what I said, is what it is to say. Exactly that.

  2. i enjoy getting to hear another's take on this music. and i do believe i know the nostalgic feeling you've described. or perhaps it's that i only know that feeling nostalgically, as it would escape a child. or perhaps all i am merely trying to recreate that feeling in all of these recordings.