Wednesday, November 17, 2010

some video and photo stuffs: gary

i figured i'd put up some video pieces from a project i did last spring.  it was all about the traditional music of the appalachian region.  i'm not super crazy about most of the photos, but oh well.  if you ask me, the audio is much more important here.

i was originally hoping to the whole project on the manner in which the music is passed from generation to generation, often within families.  unfortunately, it kind of got away from that, but i was lucky enough to meet some awesome people and here some damn good music.  this is the first of a few.

anywho, i figured i'd start it off with the person that got me started off. gary puckett (not the one with the union gap) is the man that taught me how to play banjo and whathaveyou.  he's rad.

here's the band he's currently playing with: R.U Bound. check 'em out.

--oh, i'm working on putting some not-shitty quality video up here. so hopefully that will be taken care of soon.

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