Friday, June 28, 2013

Feral Children

These guys are fucking good.

I caught their "warm-up" show last night at Add-A-Ball, a local, and very tiny, pinball bar. It was their first show in nearly three years. Coincidentally I was at their last show before moving back to the Midwest and apparently I moved back to Seattle in time to catch their next show.

Anywho, Feral Children are a totally kickass Seattle band and I wanted to acknowledge that. To me, their shows have a super rad energy and kind of a homegrown, DIY feel that makes me feel like everyone should be starting bands and having fun and whatnot.

They've got two full-length albums, Second To The Last Frontier and Brand New Blood, both of which are goddamn good and one EP, Eternity Emergency, also awesome. July will hold the release of their next album. So for the three or four people that may see this (thank you to the folks over at Pile Records), check them out.



The "Zhyghost" video doesn't have the best sound quality, but it's too rad a song to not post.

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