Tuesday, October 26, 2010

folk songs in C

how about something with words and vocals too? it even has banjo.

no? tough.

the dead's "friend of the devil":

bob dylan's "when the ship comes in":

from congress st., with love:

i'm not sure where that last one will end up in the big scheme of things.  i feel like i'm constantly somewhat-working on multiple albums/records/whatever-you-wanna-call-em.  one of which that i am working on right now is "from congress st., with love" so it'd make sense to include that song.  but all the songs for that project were written in athens, oh over the past year or two.  i try to keep each little collection of tunes concise in some way, and all the songs for that album were written around the same time, in the same little house, with the same thoughts about the same things. primarily simple little folk songs. so i'm not sure if that song, which was not written around the same time, same place, etc., will be included on that or another project i'm working on. 
we'll see.

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